Poster Of The Week: A Spune Christmas '09 at Hailey's, Saturday December 5

'Tis the season! Just look around you, we're all sufficiently waist-deep in the trite tidings of holiday decor and decorum, as it all started about two days before Halloween. It can all be a bit taxing on the eyes and ears, especially when speaking of all the Christmastime cliches parading around this time of year. I might sound like a Scrooge all of a sudden, but if I had a fruitcake for every unfortunate holiday-themed design shtick I've see year in and year out, I could be living comfortably in a brandy-soaked house built of all the candied bricks I would accumulate.

But then you have something like this week's poster that makes me believe in Santa again.

Brought to us by designer Brandon Lesley and the good people of Spune Productions for this year's Christmas extravaganza at Hailey's in Denton, this quaint and subtle selection is the perfect complement to the cacophony of fa-la-la-la-la-las and the commercialized shock and awe that surrounds us this time of year, the likes of which that would make Clark Griswold glow green with envy.

This poster harnesses the emotional sense-memories of cookies baking in the oven or gathering 'round the yule log without a single visible spark, but instead by borrowing from the styling sensibilities of package design and signage motifs of yore, right out of your grandpa's garage or your grandma's kitchen cabinet.

Using clean lines and modern type mixed with a classic decorative script typeface for the title, and just a pinch of tactile effect with the texture that's been added, you subconsciously get the warm-fuzzies without seeing a single jolly face or red nose. Undoubtedly, the same effect will occur as conjured by the bands on the bill. It's like a warm cup of homemade cocoa on a brisk December night, away from all the annoying holiday hoopla hustle and bustle. Bundle up and let this poster keep you warm.

Keep sending your poster submissions to gigposters@dallasobserver.com. Include the artist/designer's name and info for proper credit at least a week in advance. (And in the spirit of giving, we love getting printed pieces too, which can be sent here.)

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Join the Observer community and help support independent local journalism in Dallas.