Poster Of The Week: Big J, Ocelot, Tommy Lee Jonez & Fizzy Dino Pop, Friday March 12 at The Basement at Plush

Maybe I'm still high on the release of the new TRON Legacy trailer earlier this week, but our Poster Of The Week definitely conjures images of Light Cycles and Recognizers in my head.

Brought to us by Preston Deanda of Eastsiders design ("a two man design team from Lakewood!"), this poster comes right at you with its massive cube of polygons, apparently on a crash-course directly into your face. The hot pink, bizarro, Death Star-esque object cannot be ignored, and neither can the big chunky typography that lends well to the style of the piece. One thing that can be ignored, evidently, is the date and time of this event. I won't fault the aesthetic of the poster for leaving out a critical piece of information (which I had to Google for), but in terms of sheer communication, it's, uh, kind of important for a gig poster.

The info that is there is pretty pretty unavoidable, though--and framed well in the cosmic/electro style being established by this piece, a nice compliment to the genre of these dance DJ's and groups. Nice typography tied with a strong central image gives this piece sturdy legs to stand on.

Or dance with. Your preference.

Keep sending in your submissions at least a week in advance to this email. Remember you have to play to win, and don't forget to include info on the designer and any background to the piece. Until next week!

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Alexander Flores
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