Poster Of The Week: Constant Seas, The Bizarro Kids & Shake The Captain's Soul at The Cavern Tonight

Argh, mateys! This week's submitted winner was created by the folks of the Denton group Constant Seas, via another Denton band on the bill, The Bizarro Kids.

According to Jonathan Biggs of The Bizarro Kids, "the band Constant Seas created this flyer for our show with them, us, and Shake The Captain's Soul. I like the seaman theme... overall, I just think it looks epic!"

I would have said "sea-faring theme" myself, but, potato/potato, I suppose. Different strokes, right? Moving on...

Except for the additional (and mostly redundant) information that seems to have been slapped onto this poster as an afterthought (as, quite possibly, this poster was crafted before the final show lineup was known--i.e., the inclusion of The Bizarro Kids), this poster is pretty interesting. It also feels like it could be announcing a new J.M.W. Turner exhibit at the Dallas Museum of Art. I can only trust and imagine that this resoundingly mature aesthetic is indicative of the band's music who created this piece--or, at least, wants to appear as such.

With the bottom portion that contains the data (appearing to be a nod to modern International Typographic Style/Swiss Mid-Century era) coupled with an Old World primary image and script font for the headliner, it's certainly an interesting example of two worlds colliding--like waves crashing on the rocky banks of an undiscovered country. Or reading the same info twice on a poster. Sorry, I just can't get past that out-of-place block of gray type. Not only is the date/place/time info repeated, but it's killing the balance created between the main image and the nice footer at the bottom.

Nevertheless, despite the incongruities, this poster does maintain a certain "epic" quality--and I'm not here to re-design submissions either, just to praise them. While there are some things that could be improved, this remains our winner this week. I won't fault the original design for what appears to be a case of after-the-fact alteration, lest I be raided by indie-pirates that reign from the north shores of Denton.


Keep sending your submissions here at least a week in advance. As usual, don't forget to include who the designer is as well as any other info about the design/artist.

Until next week, you scallywags...

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