Poster Of The Week: King Khan & The Shrines with Fresh & Onlys and Bad Sports at Sons Of Herman Hall

So I had to fire up the old time machine (no, not a hot tub; like Dr. Emmett L. Brown, I prefer my time travel with a little more style...) for this week's selection. Wasn't a long trip, though. Just a hop, skip and a couple of days ago. This poster represented the coming of a certain royalty--one previously mentioned today, even.

This poster, even though the show already a happened, is resoundingly deserving of this week's so-called prize. Designed by the folks at Powerhouse Factories of Newport, Kentucky, makers of some damn fine work that goes beyond just gig posters, most might not "get" this poster, but it's not meant for comprehension, it's meant for hanging on your wall.

Without question, the electric magenta and vomit-esque green slaps you square in the face, demanding the eyes of any passerby, despite the vibrating hues.

Yet besides the grotesque attention-getting color palette, and the explosive main image (can you say, "molten red hot magma?"), the real jewel is the typography at its foundation. All the bits and pieces are handled very, very well, from the presenters (who submitted this fine piece to us) to the undeniable headliner, to the opening acts and location.

One might think the latter a little small, but once you're drawn into this piece, you'll leave with a unforgettable scar of the information, which, in this case, is a good thing.

Beyond that, keep on sending in your submissions, people! We love seeing great work that promotes local shows. Just continue to send them in early, please, and send them right here. And, please, don't forget to let us know who's responsible for the art either! Until next time.

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