Poster Of The Week: Old 97's with Sorta & Thrift Store Cowboys, December 31, 2004

Do not adjust your Internets: The date for this week's poster is correct. From now on, during weeks like this one, where the pickings are slim for poster submissions, we've elected to reach into the archives and find an oldie-but-goody.

If you guys don't want to peer into the past, then get a move on and submit your fresh work here, as usual, every week.

And before there are any moans and groans, it's up to all you designers/promoters/bands out there to willingly send in your work, if only to be fair. You've got to play to win, after all, and we love the weeks where it's too difficult to decide.

But, for weeks like this one, let's take a look at something from back in the day, shall we? Check my critique after the jump.

Created by the designing duo of Dirk and Carol Fowler (otherwise known as F2-Design), this very (very) simple piece for a Christmas New Year's Eve show at Granada Theater already had a dose of nostalgia when it was new.

Created on a genuine letter-press, surely, this piece is rare in imprints (seems to be signed, too) and probably highly coveted by big fans of any of the line-up's bands. You've got to admire the minimal approach with both the design and two-color palette (who would have thought a green cowboy hat would be so fetching?), especially for being just a little bit of type and a singular, yet memorable, character illustration.

Whether that little cowpoke is a piece of old advertising stock art or created exclusively for this design (and there's a good chance for that, given F2's concert poster portfolio), we still get the charm and design strength that comes from it. A nice, quaint, (but solid) piece, you'd be surprised at all the great design that comes out of Lubbock, Texas. This is a nice example for sure.

Thanks for the memories!

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Join the Observer community and help support independent local journalism in Dallas.