Poster Of The Week: The Spune 2K10 Winter Dance Party, Saturday at Hailey's

Poster Of The Week: The Spune 2K10 Winter Dance Party, Saturday at Hailey's

It's that time of the week again. Time to sift through poster submissions from all over DFW and make a choice based not on musical merit of the bands, venue preference, production company, but solely on the design and aesthetic distinction (let's not forget this folks). You can see past selections here if you want to see the visual ebb and flow of our choices.

This week's pick comes from the folks of Spune Productions, who often produce outstanding posters for their events. Designed by Gavin Mulloy (you can check out his other poster work here), this poster for the Spune 2K10 Winter Dance Party carries a lot of weight to it for sure.

I'll tell you why after the jump.

The question that springs to mind, "This is for a dance party?" bounces around in my head more than the actual dancing that I'm sure will be going on at the event--but, though it looks pretty bare, there's more going on here. Sure, it's mostly dark, heavy, and massive. But, by contrast alone to what one would expect from a dance party event poster, this one succeeds in being different with flying (monochromatic) colors.

I know I might sound like I'm bashing it here, but it really is a well designed poster, if purely for the typography. Personally, there's the design-nerd appeal for the what seems to be a giant block of machined metal type, not unlike what could be used in old-school letter presses (movable type, etc). In effect, what we see here is what would traditionally actually print a poster (not in reverse as it would actually appear though, because, well, we have to read the thing). The texture given to the whole piece adds some visual grit to it, but makes the big info block look like stone.

Maybe that's what it's supposed to be. Or maybe it's not supposed to be anything, which, fortunately, when it comes to gig posters, it doesn't have to be anything.

It just needs to look cool to potential gig-goers, right?

Keep sending you posters to and tell us who did it--and make sure to get it to us in well in advance when possible, too. Until next week...


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