Poster Of The Week: These United States, Little Birds and Baruch The Scribe Tonight at The Cavern

I'm a sucker for vintage ephemera. Especially that of the printed kind--be they old magazines, brochures, catalogs, or hand-bills, etc.

I just adore admiring vintage styles and studying the aesthetic of yesteryear and by-gone eras, and it's nice to see what has persevered over the passage of time. Not only is it quite fascinating as a designer to witness style longevity, but it's also interesting to see what's making a comeback.

This week's poster selection borrows a little from the past, both in style and spirit.

Brought to us by the indomitable duo that is Magnificent Beard (from their "surly baby hands to your image receptacles" quote the Beard), it conjures a time of summertime road-trips and old-fashioned wanderlust.

The duo behind the name, Matt Brinker and Connor Hill, have quite the body of work. What's interesting, though, is the dialed-down style that they've taken with this week's selection.

When compared to their previous work--which is quite fantastically frenetic--this little slice of the "old days" is in contrast very reserved and quiet. Not saying that's a bad thing. Not at all.

For its purpose here, it's just as gorgeous and nuanced as their previous works. Superior typography, complimentary colors, and well-balanced composition make for a solid piece. Where it may not be as in-your-face as other posters, this is definitely a keeper, especially if you're a fan of the bands. I love the little touches like the roadways, rough bits, and the nifty Cavern insignia. Even though it's creative license to create a logo that would fit the concept, it really does heighten the venue's presence to a whole new level worth paying attention to.

Nice job.

Now, before we pack our bags and hit the road (as inspired by this week's top pick), there's one more poster to sing about this week...

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Receiving an honorable mention this week is this piece brought to us by the folks of Pan-Ector Industries, who are no strangers of this here weekly feature (in fact, they won before while promoting the same event). Designed by Taylor McClure, this fun, illustrated piece is not unlike the frenetic fantasies of the boys of Magnificent Beard that I spoke of earlier. Juicy colors and a loose, playful style promises an adventure in artwork as well as audio at Rubber Gloves Rehearsal Studio this Saturday night. This will be Pan-Ector's second Dead Week Print Show up in Denton, featuring a bevy of posters and live screen-printing with live music to accompany it all.

Make sure to bring something with you so Pan-Ector can apply one of their pieces directly to your substrate of choice. If only I didn't love my mom so much to leave town to see her this weekend, I'd be there checking out what's sure to be quite the display of delicious prints.

Thanks Mom...

Anyway, keep sending in your submissions, and please do so a week in advance of the show-date. Send them here, as usual. Until next week.

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