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Q&A: Local Natives' Kelcey Ayer Talks Meeting Thom Yorke and Living With His Bandmates

Los Angeles' Local Natives have been shooting towards folk-rock stardom ever since an epic 2009 SXSW performance that set the band up for a big year, regardless of the critical acclaim its 2010 release Gorilla Manor has received.

At its performance at Sons of Hermann Hall earlier this year the band delighted the crowd with its distinct chaotic drumming and vocal harmonies. That much didn't necessarily surprise; in these early stages of its career, the band's been compared to the likes of Arcade Fire, Fleet Foxes, and Vampire Weekend.

Almost a hundred shows after their last Dallas stop, we caught up with guitarist/singer Kelcey Ayers in anticipation for the band's House of Blues show tomorrow night.

I've noticed that y'all have been touring outside the states a lot. Whats been your favorite show so far?

Definitely Glastonbury. It's like the biggest festival in the world. We actually played on the same stage as Thom Yorke and Jonny Greenwood.

Were you able to talk to either one?
I met Thom Yorke. It's really interesting to meet them. It's interesting how completely normal they are. They're like you and me. They've been a huge influence to us. But you can talk about whatever you want. You can talk about sports.

That'd be interesting, talking about sports with Thom Yorke. Are there any other influences you've met?
I'm not really sure. Everybody has different influences. Yeah, I would say yeah. I like listening to new records. I'm a huge fan of Broken Social Scene and we were able to play with them recently. We've all got our different influences, though, and you can hear that on Gorilla Manor.

Speaking of Gorilla Manor, ot's pretty well known y'all lived together while recording this disc. Do you guys plan on living together for the next record?
I'm not really sure how its gonna work. We might live close to each other or together. But, yeah, it could happen.

Any plans for the future album?
I don't know. We've just been super packed on our schedule and haven't really had time to start on anything new, but we all have ideas that could come together in the future.

Do you guys write the rhythms first or the harmonies?
Because of the collaborative nature of the band, everybody writes, and it can happen every which way. I can have a melody a suggestion on piano or anything like that. Every song has its own inspiration to it.

Whats the inspiration for the lyrics on Gorilla Manor?
I don't think there's one inspiration for Gollia Manor. It's a lot about traveling. We all write different parts of songs and we all have our inspirations.

What's the message behind "World News?"
I don't really know. That would have to be a question for the person who wrote it. But with the music video, the people chosen were just kinda random. There was no real message behind the choosing of the multicultural cast.

Let's move onto the live show: Last time, you came to Dallas people went nuts for you. Anything your adding this time around?
The songs have morphed a tiny bit, but, for the most part, it's the same. We might try to add a few more covers.

How should fans prepare for the show?
Just get ready to party.

Local Natives perform October 6, at the House of Blues

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