Quintet For The End Of Time Is Recording, Mixing New Material And Heading To Italy

Local experimental/neo-classical ensemble Quintet for the End of Time has just come out of the studio with a bevy of Zappa-esque compositions nearly ready for public consumption.

“Our new material should be mixed next week,” says Kevin Hanlon, leader of the group. The 55-year-old SMU music professor is excited about finishing up the group’s debut--as well as going overseas to perform. “I head out July 15th for a family reunion in Ireland,” says Hanlon, “and then I hook up with the rest of the guys to play several festivals in Italy.”

Once back in the states, Hanlon says the record will be released and the band will start playing locally: “We’ve made some connections with Club Dada as part of their Deep Culture Series, hopefully playing the last Saturday of every month.”

Though heady, the quintet’s sound is not unapproachable, mixing jazz and rock instrumentation into its detailed mix of John Cage and King Crimson. Hanlon started out playing rock and blues in the early '70s with a midwestern outfit called Zagfield, but became more interested in modern classical composition once his rock and roll dreams did not materialize. “Nothing like a disappointed audience in the pop realm to strengthen your resolve in other areas,” says Hanlon. --Darryl Smyers

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