Quiz: Pick a National Act and We’ll Give You a Local Act To Love
Mike Brooks

Quiz: Pick a National Act and We’ll Give You a Local Act To Love

Admit it, you love playing online quizzes, the kind where you pick your favorite potato and find out which kind of ocean plankton you should be rinsing your colon with. We have something much better: a fun quiz that will also teach you something of value. Also, it's the shortest quiz you’ve ever taken, so you can get on with your life.

We’ve put together a list of easily accessible and equally impressive local versions of your favorite bands. Some of the benefits of idolizing local musicians include ticket prices that are cheaper than big international acts, the fact that they play near you more often and, most important, that you normally don’t have to flirt with their security in order to talk to these artists.

And yes, we know Sarah Jaffe isn’t technically only local anymore, but we love to claim her, and she plays the area often enough to qualify. Likewise, none of these bands are exactly like your favorite because there’s no such thing, so please spare us the snarky comments. (Snark is our thing and we can only dish it out.) Have fun playing and we trust that we’ll see you at a show soon.

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