Rapper and Human Meme Viper Will Be Playing at a Caribbean Restaurant in Arlington

The One Love Lounge Caribbean restaurant in Arlington will host human meme and rapper Viper.
The One Love Lounge Caribbean restaurant in Arlington will host human meme and rapper Viper. screenshot from YouTube
Houston rapper Viper will perform this Saturday, June 11, at a Caribbean restaurant in Arlington called One Love Lounge, and nobody really seems to know about it just yet. It is kind of an intentional surprise that he hasn’t seemed to mention on any of his social media channels. But we did find a link for tickets on Eventbrite.

Viper released the satirical, self-produced album You’ll Cowards Don’t Even Smoke Crack in 2008, which became a meme five years later, particularly for its cover art. In 2013, Vice's music platform Noisey published an article titled, "Meet Viper, the Genius Rapper Behind 'You'll Cowards Don't Even Smoke Crack.'"

Since then, the rapper has amassed thousands of fans who damn near buy anything he posts to his Bandcamp. Viper maintains a DIY approach in his music, videos and album artwork, which almost always features a self-portrait in which he's sitting on top of eye-catching clip art image of flames, houses, cars or whatever seems to be going through his mind at the time of the release.

Even as music tech has advanced to the point somebody can record an entire album from an iPhone in a jail cell without many sound glitches, Viper is known for his deliberately raw and unfiltered audio, layered with his deep voice and self-produced beats. The hip-hop artist told Complex magazine that in 2014 he had released over 333 albums and counting. In 2022, he released both Shed Skin and You’ll Cowards Don’t Even Smoke Crack II.

His Arlington show show is for ages 18 and up and the purchase of a ticket, which costs $29, includes a signed CD, according to the show's flyer. The flyer also says the show is a Juneteenth celebration, and includes images of two snakes and two bikini-clad models who don't appear to be Black.

But you can be sure to watch Viper perform a set that includes some of his new songs like “I Sell the World’s #1 Crack” and “I’m Gonna Kill the Pussy N***** That Killed 2pac.”
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