Red Monroe, Baboon, Pikahsso and Tahiti with Glen Reynolds

It's quite appropriate that such a diverse lineup would play at the closing party for the Jason Janik exhibition at Kettle Art Gallery. Over the past decade, Janik's photgraphy has captured striking images of musicians ranging from Tripping Daisy and Dimebag Darrell to, um, Vanilla Ice and an amazing shot of Ben Kweller's post-nosebleed, pre-nasal-tampon, blood-smeared guitar at Austin City Limits in 2006.

It is, however, somewhat perplexing that this show isn't taking place at the gallery itself. (Apparently I'm not the only one confused; Rapper Pikahsso's MySpace schedule lists Kettle as the venue for the show.)

Regardless, this is a nice lineup of Dallas favorites, all of which are far more compelling live than on record. Even in the wake of Picnic's break from P.P.T., Pikahsso and Tahiti can be counted on for a hands-in-the-air fun time, and bringing Denglish guest Glen Reynolds onstage to add his excellent guitar work should make it all the more interesting. Baboon's shouted choruses and loud, dissonant guitar parts always manage to get hearts and fists pumping too. And while I haven't seen Red Monroe lately, their live shows always seem to include the rough edges and chaotic moments that were missing from last year's overproduced Policia! Policia!

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Jesse Hughey
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