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Riff Raff Pulls a Total Riff Raff and Cancels Right Before His Tour's Deep Ellum Kick Off

Riff Raff performing with Coed Thursdays at Illume in 2016.
Riff Raff performing with Coed Thursdays at Illume in 2016. Roderick Pullum
Remember that episode of The Simpsons where Homer's name gets redefined as a noun for someone's ability "to succeed despite idiocy"? We have new definition for rapper Riff Raff.
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Riff Raff announced on Monday that he'd cancel his entire Lilac Lightning tour for a movie role just two days before it was scheduled to start in Dallas.
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In this case, "pulling a Riff Raff" or "Riff Raffing" shall henceforth refer to someone who cancels something at the very last minute for something else.

The rapper who's also known as Jody Highroller announced he would have to cancel his Lilac Lightning tour just two days before the first date of the show scheduled at Ruins' Limbo Room in Deep Ellum on Wednesday, according to Riff Raff's social media channels.

"GOOD NEWS: I HAVE A BiG OPPORTUNITY to be in a REAL MOVIE," Riff Rapp wrote among various emojis. "BAD NEWS: They had to cancel the upcoming tour."

He then addressed his "show promoters & fans who purchased ViP Meet n Greets" to issue refunds to "FROM WHOM EVER YOU SENT MONEY TO."

Well, that's a big help. Ordering the people who helped organize your show by fronting the money and time to pay it all back two days before the show is not what you'd call being a class act. That's like doing a dine and dash at McDonald's.

Then again, if Riff Raff cancels a show regardless of a refund offer, he's kind of doing you a favor.

The announcement caused quite a scramble for show promoters such as Banjos to Beats, the live music production house that organized Riff Raff's Ruins show. Fortunately, Banjos to Beats found a more than suitable replacement for Riff Raff's empty stage by booking the Canadian electro-pop group Neon Dreams along with Brotha Shawt & Junk Food, J$PH and Wren Wednesday.

The production group not only promised to issue refunds for Riff Raff's canceled show but also made the Neon Dreams concert free to attend.

"Riff Raff canceled so we're making Neon Lemonade out of some less than stellar lemons," said a post on Banjos to Beats' Facebook page
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