Shelby Lynne at the Kessler and the Best of Your Weekend

It's kind of hard to look the other way when you see that Shelby Lynne's coming to Dallas, and the Kessler Theater of all venues. Should be a great, intimate place to catch a handful of the country star's hits.

That's just the start.

We already mentioned Daniel Hart at El Sibil on Saturday and on the same night, Calvin Harris at Zouk. But there are plenty of others we should talk about.

The Flatlanders (acoustic)
Friday, January 27, at Granada Theater
It's hard to hear the name The Flatlanders and not remember the humble beginnings of this here blog. But enough with the naval-gazing. Three legends of Texas music -- Jimmy Dale Gilmore, Joe Ely and Butch Hancock -- will be putting on an acoustic set at the Granada Theater tonight.

Salim Nourallah & The Travoltas, John Lefler
Friday, January 27, at Bryan Street Tavern
Speaking of Texas music veterans, Salim Nourallah has been part of the scene for years now, churning out perfect AM radio pop/punk for himself and the many musicians who record at his Pleasantry Lane Studios. He's got a new backing band. I used to be a part of his old one, but I've got no sour grapes. How could I? Paul Slavens is in the new group. It should be a great show.

Trinity River Folk, Jonathan Brooks, Dixon Wiles
Friday, January 27, at Queen City Hall
Our own resident Hophead is a member of Trinity River Folk, which is a good thing if you go to tonight's show at Queen City Hall. Last I heard, there will be a keg of something from Deep Ellum Brewery on tap, and since Noah W. Bailey has dropped off the bill, there will be more to go around.

Saturday, January 28, at House Of Blues
Every time MuteMath comes to town, they attempt to top their last performance. Daredevil acrobatics on the drumkit and other stage props make for an exciting show that is destined for backlash. At some point these guys are going to have to stand completely still for an entire show and just wipe the slate clean.

Leann Rimes W/ Fort Worth Symphony Orchestra
Saturday, January 28, at Bass Performance Hall
How do I live with you?

This Will Destroy You
Saturday, January 28, at Dan's Silverleaf
The darkness abounds during a This Will Destroy You show. Their name would lead you to think they were a doom metal act or an emo band, but they encompass the energy of both in their shimmering, vocal-less songs.

Dwight Yoakam
Saturday, January 28, at Billy Bob's Texas
Once a part of what Steve Earle called the "Great Credibility Scare" of the '80s, Dwight Yoakam was able to reach platinum status as a country performer and stay in the good graces of critics. Those were the days when artists like Toby Keith couldn't imagine how many red Solo cups he had on the table in front of him.

The Ataris, Perdition, Here Holy Spain
Sunday, January 29, at Lola's Saloon
It's fast, it's crunchy, it's pop punk! If you find yourself in Fort Worth and are sick of the barrage of country music that saturates the town, this may be a welcome change of pace. Or you could just come to Dallas.

Daniel Hart, Roy Robertson, Jacob Metcalf
Sunday, January 29, at Dan's Silverleaf
If you don't go see Daniel Hart at El Sibil on Saturday night, drive to Denton on Sunday, I repeat, drive to Denton on Sunday. It's a rare chance to see one of the area's best indie-pop artists. Either of Hart's shows are the best of the weekend, so make sure you head to at least one of them.

...and, on that note, we are off and up out. Have a good weekend, and we'll see you back here on Monday.

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