Arguably, pop songs exist because of summer. Maybe it's the hot weather and lack of clothing.

So it's probably no coincidence that Dallas band Sleeperstar's debut full-length, Just Another Ghost, was released just recently. The album delivers an abundance of well-crafted piano-driven pop anthems about longing for a lost love. And it's almost certain to be well-received by the masses.

The very accessible 14 songs on this record are clean, polished and ready to be featured as background music on the next MTV reality show du jour. Lead singer Chris Pearson's soaring vocals are sure to melt the hearts of many a teen girl, and the rest of the band delivers a wall of sound underneath his voice to deliver quite an aural experience. It's a sound that evokes equal parts U2 and The Fray while on the way to a very familiar and comfortable final product. Which, yes, means that there's very little new ground covered here.

But that doesn't mean it's all throwaway music. "Losing You" hints at an adventurous side, delving into dance-pop with jangly guitars, synths and a driving drum beat. If there's one hope for this band, it's that they take some more chances and add some variety next time around.

A band's first album is all about establishing a sound and introducing yourself to the world. With this debut from Sleeperstar, it just seems like we may have met before.

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Mark Schectman

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