Smile Smile's "Sad Song" Earns Some Happy Radio Play

Way back in March, about a month after I'd arrived in town, I met with Tami Thomsen and Dale Brock of Kirtland Records. Nothing too formal, just a few drinks at the Idle Rich, I believe, to talk about what each of us did and what each of us hoped to do in our positions, but mostly to put a face on a name we'd more than likely be interacting with from time to time in the future.

At the time, area indie pop duo Smile Smile was about, oh, a week away from signing to Kirtland--and Thomsen couldn't stop gushing about them. Rightfully so, I guess, considering how Kirtland was about to invest some money into reissuing the band's Blue Roses disc.

Specifically, though, Thomsen raved and raved and raved and raved about one of Smile Smile's songs...

Bonus mp3: Smile Smile -- "Sad Song"

...and all this "Sad Song" talk launched a conversation between the three of us that circled, largely, around how just one great song can validate an entire career. From there it delved into the very shaky waters of some Bon Jovi and Siousxsie Sioux talk, but I digress...

Anyway, earlier this week, an email popped up in my inbox from Thomsen. Sort of an "I told you so!" email. Actually, it was definitely an "I told you so" email--that was the subject line. And the body copy? Well, it pointed to this Santa Monica radio station, where Smile Smile's "Sad Song" is earning play alongside acts like Deerhoof, CSS and Santogold, go figure.

Well, no one ever said the music industry moved quickly. --Pete Freedman

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