We won't blame you if you didn't make it out to the Double Wide last night to check out the official after-party for our Dallas Observer Music Awards Ceremony, held earlier in the night at the House of Blues. It's been a long week of partying and rocking out, y'all.

But, well, you kind of missed out if you didn't come. That's because a special guest showed up unannounced, even to us: Erykah Badu.

So, Erykah Badu DJed The Double Wide For Our Dallas Observer Music Awards After-Party?

After slaying earlier in the night at the House of Blues, offering up an especially incendiary performance with her Cannabinoids collective, Badu showed up to the Double Wide at around one in the morning to party with this year's winners, nominees and die-hard DOMA supporters.

It was quite the scene. She rolled up, slid into the bar somewhat quietly, popped down at the corner table with some of her 'Noids and was just hanging out -- until DJ Hammertimez, who was running the system last night, played a Doobie Brothers song, at which point, Badu jumped out of her seat and started dancing.

A few minutes later, she'd joined Hammertimez behind the booth, pulling tracks from her own laptop, which she'd brought along in her car, just in case.

And then a funny thing happened: Everyone in the place started dancing -- and they continued to do so right up until closing time. It was kind of insane. And a bit odd: If you were to have driven past the Double Wide at this late hour, the place would've looked dead; there were no smokers out in front of the bar or on the patio, which are usually signs of the Deep Ellum spot's activity level. Not on this night, though. Everyone was crammed into the bar's tiny main room, enjoying themselves, a few drinks and some fine tunes. It was great.

One hell of a surprise, really. Probably the best possible way to end this year's great DOMA season, too.

Just awesome. And totally worth this headache I'm still fighting as a result of it.

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Join the Observer community and help support independent local journalism in Dallas.