So, What's On Mitt Romney's iPod?

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Over the last two nights of the Republican National Convention, both Vice Presidential candidate Paul Ryan and Presidential candidate Mitt Romney have taken the time to mention the music on Romney's iPod, with Ryan, a noted Rage Against the Machine fan, saying, "There are the songs on his iPod which I've heard on the campaign bus -- and on many hotel elevators. He actually urged me to play some of these songs at campaign rallies. I said, 'I hope it's not a deal-breaker Mitt, but my playlist starts with AC/DC and ends with Zeppelin.'"

While this might have been a pretty big burn for Republican fans of Aa and Zorch ,it doesn't really tell us what's on Mitt's playlist. And, since Mitt took the time to jab back at Ryan during his acceptance speech by saying, "But Paul, I still like the playlist on my iPod better than yours." I started to wonder what exactly Mittens was jamming out to, so here are ten possible songs, based on his last few months and his speech from last night.

The National, "Start A War" The song that frames Mitt's opinion on how he would handle conflict with Iran differently than Obama.

Asleep at the Wheel, "Hot Rod Lincoln" Reminds Mitt he's from Detroit, a place where cars were once made.

The Offspring, "Why Don't You Get A Job?" The song perfectly captures Mitt's thoughts on the millions on welfare.

The Beatles, "Taxman" Reflects his feelings about how the government is trying to take all of America's hard-earned money

Genesis, "Land of Confusion" Mitt likes this video because it features a puppet Ronald Reagan dressed as Superman.

Starship, "We Built This City" The song that was playing when Mitt and friends chose the theme for the convention.

The Cure, "Why Can't I Be You?" The song that plays every morning while Mitt does his Stuart Smiley affirmation to a framed photo of Ronald Reagan.

The Pointer Sisters, "I'm So Excited" Playing when he wrote the line, "If you felt that excitement when you voted for Barack Obama, shouldn't you feel that way now that he's President Obama?" in his acceptance speech.

James Brown, "Living In America" The song Mitt and Paul foolishly chose to use as their outro jam, despite the fact that the last man who used it ended up dead in a boxing ring (RIP Apollo).

The Smiths, "Please, Please, Please, Let Me Get What I Want" And finally, the song he listens to every night before bed.

What songs do you think are on his playlist?

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Join the Observer community and help support independent local journalism in Dallas.