Somebody’s Darling Heading To Nashville To Record Full-Length

A while back I wrote a fairly glowing review of Somebody’s Darling debut EP, finding bliss in the local band’s fine mix of alt-country and southern soul. And, in that review, I wrote that the music on the EP was so good that a full-length CD was immediately called for.

Well, I guess someone was listening because Somebody’s Darling is packing up the van and heading to Nashville for a week of recording.

The band played on a tasty triple bill last night in Austin at Stubbs, sharing the stage with Mike and the Moonpies and Charlie Shafter and The Gnomes.

Amber Farris and the rest of this talented quartet plays at the City Tavern this Saturday and will spend thanksgiving with their families. Then it’s off to Music City U.S.A for recording sessions November 29th through December 6th.

The next time Somebody’s Darling will play Dallas won’t be until December 19th at Dada. So head out to City Tavern tomorrow night and wish the band well. Here’s hoping that whatever producer they decide to use won’t try to slick up the band’s perfectly rough hewed melodies.

The world already has Shania Twain and Carrie Underwood (and now Jessica Simpson). The peroxide supply is running low as it is.

Somebody’s Darling is much more Americana than American Idol and I, for one, hope it stays that way. --Darryl Smyers

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