Spinderella (middle) with Salt-N-Pepa bandmates Sandra Denton and Cheryl JamesEXPAND
Spinderella (middle) with Salt-N-Pepa bandmates Sandra Denton and Cheryl James
Frazer Harrison/Getty

Spinderella Requests a Temporary Restraining Order Against Salt-N-Pepa

A Dallas court on Friday will conduct a hearing on a request for a temporary restraining order made by Spinderella concerning her former band co-members in '90s girl group Salt-N-Pepa.

Paul Stafford, the lawyer for Dallas-based DJ Spinderella, aka Deidra Roper, says issues among Spinderella and Salt-N-Pepa will be discussed with the judge Friday.

"Spinderella is seeking injunctive relief due to the immediate and irreparable harm that has been caused to her due to the acts and omissions of the defendants," Stafford says.

This comes after Spinderella filed a lawsuit earlier this month against Salt-N-Pepa for not giving her the money she says she deserves.

Spinderella joined Salt-N-Pepa in 1987 when she was 15. For 20-plus years, the trio has put out several albums and toured around the world and even appeared on their own VH1 reality show. According to the lawsuit, Spinderella says she didn't get the money she deserved for all of it.

In the lawsuit, Spinderella says she was "promised" one-third of the royalties from the album Best Of. She was even told she would get $125,000, but she never received it.

Stafford says the lawsuit is for breach of contract, infringement of trademarks and misappropriation of her image. It also seeks an accounting of the proceeds of the revenue of the group.

Spinderella said she was “routinely featured and spotlighted” at live shows, where “she generated significant on-stage excitement and delighted audiences with her captivating musical grooves and remarkable deejay tricks," according to New York Daily News.

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"Before we filed this lawsuit, we intended to resolve the matter with all the defendants, but we were unable to do so, and it's unfortunate that the defendants have chosen not to try and honor Spinderella's role in the group or their financial or legal commitments to her," Stafford says. "So she was in a position where she had to force her rights and protect her brand, so that's what we're doing."

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