Spitfire Tumbleweeds Prepare For One More Final Show, CD Release

As in past years, this year's Lumberjack Festival at Dan's Silverleaf boasts a brawny lineup (see poster, pictured right).

But also of note about the festival: In addition to being a release party of sorts for Spitfire Tumbleweeds' new Pope Crow album, the show is rumored to be the Denton band's final gig.

That is, if you believe the digi-poster tacked up over on TXMF Records' homepage.

I caught Scott Porter while on a smoke break at his day job to ask him if this would, in fact, be the band's final performance together...

"No comment," he responded, before letting out a good belly-laugh. "Officially, we're still broken up--we're a non-band."

A non-band who found enough time to get together last November and in "mostly one weekend" record the material for Pope Crow?

"My favorite thing about it is that we didn't know we were even gonna make it until a couple weeks before we recorded it," Porter said. "It just came together."

Oh, and for those of you who had a problem with those distorted vocals on King James Version, Porter wanted to make sure to tell you: "Yes, the vocals are still distorted."

Not only that, according to Porter, the Tumbleweeds left behind the mandolin, banjo and pedal steel for Pope Crow. "It's rockier than our previous stuff," he said. "Just three loud electric guitars and the bass drum. It's pretty honest and straight-forward."  

Sorta like the album itself, which is just a CD-R with a little extra TLC. The band will have copies for sale at the show this weekend, but Porter says "pretty soon" the album will be available to those who want it on-line.

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Join the Observer community and help support independent local journalism in Dallas.