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Spotify Study Reveals Hilarious Listening Habits of Texas College Students

You probably love Spotify, lest you're an old-school rock dude, like Thom Yorke, or believe the Internet is evil (well, it kind of is). The ease and wide-ranging catalog is the equivalent of having Christmas everyday for music enthusiasts. Unless we have a cool dad or mom, most of us don't really come into our own with music taste during the College Years. As we enter adulthood, music plays second fiddle to the one true social lubricant -- booze -- but it's a close second.

Well, the good folks at Spotify went to the trouble of tracking exactly what their college-aged users listening habits look like, and Texas colleges were prominently featured in the results.

Spotify conducted a study of the listening habits of folks who signed up for the discounted Spotify premium for students. Paul Lamere, director of developer platform for music intelligence company The Echo Nest at Spotify, found the top 40 music listening colleges in America, i.e. colleges that listen to Spotify.

The University of North Texas ranked fourth on the list. It is one of the top music schools in the country, after all. Other Texas schools to place on the list are include Texas Tech University at No. 6, Texas A&M University at 20 and the University of Texas at Austin at 39.

Interestingly, on average UNT listens to jazz music less than the other schools, but distinctively listen to Piano Bar Music Specialists. The Mean Green student body also ranks second in "liveliness" compared to the rest of the schools, whatever the hell that's supposed to mean.

Here are a few interesting findings about the fellow public Texas colleges:

  • Texas A&M is the top school for Christian music listeners. And even though Aggies generally listen to rap slightly less than the rest of the schools, they really like Drake, particularly, "All Me." Is Johnny Football to blame?
  • The University of Texas is the top R&B school and apparently hates country.
  • Texas Tech is the top Justin Bieber school, which might explain the smell.

You can click the complete list of schools here for a comprehensive look at each campus' listening habits.

h/t: Consequence of Sound

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