Concert Reviews

St. Vincent and David Byrne - McFarlin Auditorium - 10/7/12

St. Vincent and David Byrne McFarlin Auditorium Sunday, October 7

Musical collaborations among established artists usually don't work. Sometimes there's too much baggage of past success to overcome, or the resulting product is just a novelty that didn't bring out the best of the artists involved or satisfy any fanbase.

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That's what makes Love This Giant, the new album by David Byrne and Annie Clark, so unique. Neither artist compromised the important elements that make them identifiable, and yet neither dominates the album. In fact, it comes off as more than the sum of the parts that could work as a Byrne or St. Vincent solo record, or perhaps an entirely new thing altogether. That brings up another issue with collaborations: when performing live, are the new songs just filler to get to the respective hits?

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Andy Odom