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Starkey - 3025 Main - 4/21/12

Starkey 3025 Main Saturday, April 21

This was my first time at 3025 Main, and the sound and light system served the low-frequency of Philly's PJ Geissinger, aka Starkey, well enough. However, the rest of the venue resembled a high-end hookah lounge as opposed to a bona fide dance club. The wood-paneled dance floor was often empty; the glow-gloved ravers expecting the electro-house mid-level wobbles of the opening DJs had left. A few counters were closed all night. Starkey manned the DJ booth at 12:30 a.m., mixing sub-level bass behind the hockey glass, as well as cuts from his most recent EP, Open the Pod Bay Doors.

While I usually don't wish for smaller stages, a more intimate, stage-oriented venue would have served Starkey's set a bit better.

This is just the second show under new promoter Ascential Events belt. Furthermore, their monthly Dub Sessions program is competing with established promoters Dub Assembly for shows that highlight original dubstep in Dallas. This summer will be the long row for the upstarts at Ascential.

By the way: While anyone wanting to break even with this venue will have a real challenge, the possessive recluse in me was satisfied that the brooding, challenging and cavernous side of dubstep remains underground.

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Shahryar Rizvi
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