Street Style: The Friday Fans of 35 Denton

Name (from left to right): See also: Friday reviews.

Bonnie Rue, Chris Flemmons Style influences: Bonnie: "I used to have a fashion line called Model Citizen Clothing, but that project's currently on hold. When it's cold I wear dark colors." Chris: "Family Dollar." At 35 Denton to catch: Bonnie: "The Baptist Generals, which I missed because I was stuck in traffic coming up from Austin." Chris: John Vanderslice

Name: Hunter Moehring Style influences: "What's clean."

Name: Carolina Neira Style influences: "I like to take classic styles and punk them up. This winter I've been wearing a lot of sweaters over dresses." At 35 Denton to catch: The Raincoats and Built to Spill.

Name: Sean Sparks Style influences: "How much time it takes to put something on. Also, audience [is important]." At 35 Denton to catch: "I don't have enough money for the festival, so I'm just throwing random dance parties."

Name: Chaz Costello Style influences: "Comfort, due to spending time on the road. It took 22 hours to get to Denton, so I packed for that. Warmth, whatever I can afford." At 35 Denton to catch: Built to Spill, X-ray Eyeballs, Public Dims, Dum Dum Girls, Best Coast.

Name: James Kerr Style influences: "Whatever inspires me."

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