Submarines, Morning Benders

It might seem counterproductive to use such a blatantly anti-consumerism song to sell a product, but for Apple it seems to make sense: Ever since last summer, the company has been using The Submarines' "You Me and the Bourgeoisie" to hawk it's iPhones. And who could blame them? Even before the adorable Blake Hazard gleefully sings of choosing love and light, hearts are won over with chunky piano goodness.

Hazard and husband, John Dragonetti, formed the band after ending a four-year relationship; after realizing their post-breakup songs were about each other, they decided to join up and form The Submarines. Oddly, though, their 2008 release Honeysuckle Weeks is full of eclectic textures, finely tuned pop sensibilities and giddy love—and it manages to drip with happiness every second.

Co-headlining this bill is the Berkley, California, product The Morning Benders, which is developing a reputation of its own for high-energy live performances. Aided by comparisons to The Beatles and a less-pessimistic Shins, the group has also seen some Apple love recently: iTunes named the band's debut disc, Talking Through Tin Cans the best indie/alternative album of 2008.

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Cory Graves

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