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Team Tomb - Dan's Silverleaf - 8/4/12

Team Tomb Dan's Silverleaf Saturday, August 4

Even though this was Team Tomb's "digital release show," and one of the few shows they've performed so far, the vibe at Dan's on Saturday night was familiar. That was due in no small part to the lineup of Team Tomb, which consists of Caleb Ian Campbell from The Polycorns, Roy Robertson from Pageantry and Jeremy Buller from Bosque Brown. Such a mixing of musicians in a new band is fairly commonplace in Denton, but instead of witnessing an event, it felt more like a good hang with plenty of familiar faces.

Also helping the vibe were the other bands on the bill: Savage and the Big Beat and Sam Robertson, the former playing a tight, new wave-inspired set. Robertson has gained as much attention for her age as her talent, which is as unfortunate as it is inevitable. Now, at 20, she's grown into her voice. It also helps that she recruited Baruch The Scribe's Judson Valdez and Darcy's Chase Johnson on vocals, guitar and keyboards, respectively. The pair really pushed her forward.

Finally, Team Tomb took the stage to perform the majority of their new self-titled album. Why a digital release? According to frontman Caleb Ian Campbell, "we can't afford physical copies." And, of course, the audience was treated to a faithful rendering. The band doesn't roam too far from Campbell's earlier work, or even Robertson's work with Pageantry, for that matter. The songs still meander between tempos and feature Campbell's falsetto, but seem more refined. Maturing as an artist, and collaborating with some pretty talented folks, is serving him well.

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Andy Odom

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