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Teenage Cool Kids Prepare Vinyl-Only Release

Over the weekend, Teenage Cool Kids' new full-length LP, Foreign Lands, was made available for pre-order. Like the Denton-based indie rockers' debut full-length, Queer Salutations, the new record is being released on the indie-label Protagonist Music. But, unlike Queer Salutations, which was released on CD, Foreign Lands will be pressed on heavyweight, audiophile-friendly 180 gram vinyl, and it's available in your choice of blue or black.

I just spoke to Andrew Savage by phone about the decision to release the new album on vinyl only.

"There wasn't much of a decision," he says. "It was an obvious choice for us. I don't buy CDs. No one I know really buys CDs anymore. And our 7-inches sell way better than our CD ever does."

The record will cost you $11, or $20 for both the blue and black versions. Also, like any good indie labels, Protagonist is including a free digital download with each record.

If the three new songs the Cool Kids have up on its MySpace page speak for the rest of the tracks on Foreign Lands, then we're in store for a another great album.

(Just don't categorize the band's sound as pop-punk. You've been warned)

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