It's tough to look back on an event like Saturday night's Dallas Observer Music Awards showcase and try to come up with a conclusive best-moments list. With 52 bands playing 10 stages over the course of a ten-hour period all throughout Deep Ellum, there was just too much going on; it would be literally impossible to see everything that happened.

Nonetheless, here's our best attempt at accomplishing just that. After the jump, a list of our ten favorite moments from Saturday's event, as seen by our own eyes at DC9 HQ and as raved about to us by our fellow attendees. Feel free to add your own favorite moments in the comments.

One more thing: Thanks to you all, the local music fans, for making it out to Deep Ellum on Saturday and helping make it such a memorable night.

The 10 Best Moments at This Year's Dallas Observer Music Awards Showcase

10. Mind Spiders playing an incredibly inspired and fast set with the Dallas skyline behind them at the roof of The Bone.

9. The fact that pretty much every zombie ended up at Reno's, just as you'd expect.

8. Telegraph Canyon's amazingly uplifting and gorgeous set at Prophet Bar.

7. The dance party at Whiskey Folk Ramblers' Prophet Bar set.

6. The mini-reunion that took place when the Toadies' Clark Vogeler joined Will Johnson, his former bandmate in Funland, and the rest of Centro-matic on stage for "Fidgeting Wildly."

5. Sarah Jaffe covering The Supremes' "You Keep Me Hangin' On."

4. Seeing Deep Ellum so filled with cars and pedestrians.

3. Watching the Old 97's Rhett Miller rock out so hard on the side of the stage before he, 97's drummer Philip Peeples and Centro-matic drummer Matt Pence joined the Toadies on stage to add some extra percussion to "I Burn."

2. Announcing the Rangers' nine-run third inning against the Detroit Tigers in Game Six of the American League Championship Series as Robert Wilonsky welcomed the Old 97's to the main stage. Also, Wilonsky joking that he didn't know that The Edge was still around.

1. Mariachi Quetzal bringing down the house for a second year in a row, earning a legit encore from the audience at the end of the night at La Grange.

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Join the Observer community and help support independent local journalism in Dallas.