The 15 Best Concerts in Dallas This Week, February 6-12

Dallas, what the hell? It is offensively cold outside. I don't appreciate it, and I don't want any part of it, but despite my wants or needs, the polar vortex has laid its wrath upon us with great vengeance and furious anger. I took my dog for a walk this morning, and even in double layers, I wanted to vomit. This is America, goddamnit. Better yet, this is Texas. Why does February have to be like this? Gone are December and January's endearing holiday chill. Christmas is over. All that's left is this bitter, bitchy, punch you in the face and kick you in the ass kind of cold that makes you want to stay in bed forever.

But I can't, because there are a ton of great shows this week. So wrap yourself in layers upon layers of patterned Snuggies and get outside.

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Vanessa Quilantan