The 6 Best Concerts in Dallas this Week, March 31 - April 4

How sweet it is to see the streets of Downtown, Deep Ellum, Lower Greenville, and Expo Park filled with nightlife patrons again after a cold winter. It's that perfect time of year where the weather is still pre-heating for the summer and everyone just wants to be out and about. This week, make the most of these warm temperatures and cool breezes. Take an evening walk, grab some dinner, and make a night of it with one of this week's concert picks.

Band of Heathens Wednesday, April 2, at Dan's Silverleaf Band of Heathens is technically from Austin, but the band comes off like it might have spent a great deal of time in New Orleans learning the rich mixture of sounds that mark that city's eclectic scene.

In moments, this outfit is reminiscent of The Band circa the early '70s: Their take on rootsy American music is not an attempt to create a warped country music. Rather, they tastefully incorporate blues and folk without really trying to be the Grateful Dead. Tom Murphy

Party Static Wednesday, April 2, at Three Links Local psych pop quintet Party Static are always a good time live, and this week they're bringing the party to Deep Ellum. Let dual lead vocalists Laura and Kjersten put you under their spell for a night. Vanessa Quilantan

Madison King Thursday, April 3, at Trees It's tough to deny that Deep Ellum has a reigning darling. Lifelong Dallas resident and SMU graduate Madison King hasn't just proven to be a killer bartender who puts her bright smile to excellent use at the Twilite Lounge. More important, her new album, Onward and Upward, fully delivers on the promise of her keenly off-centered and cohesive yet diverse debut record from 2011, Darlin', Here's To You. A refined but no less arresting and punchy group of songs provides King's bold, beautiful voice with the perfect vehicle. Some may recognize her from the silliness that is the oddball hip-hop outfit Party Police, but that's not where her artistic love lies.

Indeed, King channels pain and loss into tunes that shouldn't be as enjoyable as they are. King can rage, croon and flirt with the best of them, and when she hurts, we hurt with her. When she's telling a guy to fuck off, we want that dude to fuck off also. After listening to the new album, we want whatever she wants (or doesn't want). Kelly Dearmore

Aeroplane Thursday, April 3, at The Globe Disco's not dead. It's just very sleepy and needs an alarm call. For years, Vita de Luca, the one remaining half of Aeroplane, has been breathing new life into the sounds that made the platform-shod masses move at discos throughout the 1980s by giving a new cosmic beat to songs like Grace Jones' "Williams' Blood."

His first full-length album, We Can't Fly, was just as ambitious of a project that mixed sounds from a wide range of genres like Pink Floyd and Sly & Robbie to produce new, sexy dance grooves for a new generation of discotheque regulars. You'll be able to hear them for yourself and see what kind of moves his music can inspire you to make when he spins his remixes live at The Globe on South Riverfront Boulevard. Danny Gallagher

White Denim Friday, April 4, at Granada Theater These indie blues rock darlings always pack the house when they come to Dallas, and for good reason. The entire genre seems to be getting away from a banal, formulaic, Black Keys car commercial rut, and White Denim are at the head of the pack. VQ

March Madness Festival Friday, April 4 - Sunday, April 6, at Reunion Park Norman Bates once quipped, "We all go a little mad sometimes," and while most people don't let their madness cause them to create a human horror show in a shower, we understand what he meant. Take for instance this year's March Madness that has descended on Dallas.

It didn't just bring the deciding games in everyone's NCAA basketball bracket to our backyard. It's also attracted a ton of live shows to North Texas that we wouldn't get to experience all at once -- like the massive March Madness Music Festival coming to Reunion Park with huge names like Jason Aldean, The Killers, Tim McGraw, fun. and Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Band. The crazy part is that it's free. Permission granted to go completely mad now. Danny Gallagher

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Vanessa Quilantan