The Best Costumes From Rave of Thrones at The Bomb Factory

It started as a meme, and then the meme became reality. Kristian Nairn — the actor who played Hodor on HBO's Game of Thrones until earlier this year — performed at The Bomb Factory over the weekend, and the fans sure showed up. The show gave them a whole new reason to get into the spirit of the party: cosplay. So who wore it best? Check out the full slideshow, or scroll down for a few off our favorites 

OK, so this isn't Nairn. But Hodor worshippers packed the venue. This "Rave of Thrones" event reflects how the actor is using his newfound fame in an attempt to meld his professions. "I've done fairly well as a performer and a DJ in the U.K., so Game of Thrones really just opened up a whole new market for me," he told the Observer before last Saturday's show.

Mother of dragons? Why not be a dragon? 

This costume shows a greater level of commitment to being a dragon. The commitment to drinking Miller Lite from a straw is also commendable. 

Part of being a knight is the self-satisfaction of doing the right thing. That smugness appears in those who dress up as knights as well. Of course, most GoT knights are actually more like the murdering sell-sword variety, rather than the chivalrous Galahad types.   

When in doubt on what to wear to a Game of Thrones-themed show, just go as the actual Iron Throne. This ensures that fellow ravers will lie, cheat and murder to attain you.  

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Join the Observer community and help support independent local journalism in Dallas.