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The Best New Music in Dallas, April 2017: Sarah Jaffe, Post Malone, JVN, Daniel Hart and More

Grapevine native Post Malone produced a track for the latest film in the Fast and the Furious franchise.
Grapevine native Post Malone produced a track for the latest film in the Fast and the Furious franchise. Kyle Gustafson
Six Shooter is a recurring feature where we highlight six new releases by North Texas-based musicians

Sarah Jaffe - “Bad Baby”

This month Sarah Jaffe announced her new album Bad Baby will be released July 7, and debuted the title track on NPR. “Bad Baby” continues Jaffe’s electro-pop stylings she’s been crafting since 2012’s The Body Wins.

Post Malone - “Candy Paint”

Post Malone garnered lots of headlines this month following an $8,000 Popeyes order at Coachella for a private party. But for actual fans the biggest news from the former Grapevine resident is this new track for the Fate of the Furious soundtrack, which happens to be the number one movie in the world for the second week in a row.

JVN - “Heavy”

“Heavy” is the latest track from 18-year-old rapper JVN, who’s quickly making a name for himself with his confident, impeccable flow that is a far cry from current trends, and JVN even takes some shots at so-called mumble rappers on the blistering song.

Daniel Hart - Music From S-Town

This is the only spoiler we’ll give away about S-Town, America’s new favorite podcast from the creators of Serial and This American Life: The music from each episode is composed by violinist and former Dallas resident Daniel Hart of Dark Rooms. The tense, moody soundtrack is the perfect companion for the gripping narrative told by the podcast’s host and reporter Brian Reed.

Diego Money - “Blue & Green”

April was a great month for Oak Cliff native Diego Money. The rapper celebrated his 22nd birthday in his new hometown of Los Angeles with his first sold-out headlining show, and the next day he released a new mixtape, Diego & Friends. “Blue & Green” is just one of the dozens of songs the rapper released last month and it falls in line with his reputation for downtempo beats coupled with his flowing Southern drawl.

Pyrex Pirates - BROKE.N

For seven tracks, the Pyrex Pirates are in their feels. The Oak Cliff trio create an interesting dynamic as they blend their traditionally abrasive punk-influenced hip-hop stylings with emotive introspective songwriting, as best heard on “Insecurities."

Extra Ammo:

Vandoliers - “Rolling Out”

BNQT - “Mind of a Man”

Bobby Sessions - “First World Problems”

David Morgan - “Dog”

Lil Sega ft. Pat Ron - “Hot Box”

G.U.N. - GUN

Cure For Paranoia - “Rental Recordings”

Go Yayo ft. Rico Recklezz - “HoodFame Renegade”

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