The Best Music Photographer in North Texas is...

This contest started way back in February with one announcement, followed by hundreds of nominations and over four thousand votes deciding who would become the best music photographer in North Texas. On this journey, we discovered some great talent and hopefully introduced you all to just some of the great photographers breaking their necks to capture moments of concert magic in the DFW area. And with all that said, the people have spoken. This year's winner is:

Ed Steele: 2014's Best Music Photographer in North Texas - Five of Ed's favorite concert photos and a Q&A - Ed's website,

We'd also like to congratulate our runner up, Kathy Tran and all of the 12 finalists, who are among the best in what they do. We also had a number of photographers make noise as write-in candidates in our poll. Notable among them is Chad Fenner, Natalie Campbell, Daniel Work, Joel Chan, Albert Peña, and Sean Berry.

See the profiles for all twelve finalists: - Mike Brooks - Kevin Buchanan - Darkhouse Image - Bill Ellison - Andi Harman - Allan Hayslip - Mike Mezeul II - Danny Raybon - Karlo X. Ramos - Soundcheck Dallas - Ed Steele - Kathy Tran

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Shawn Gadley
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