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The Best New Music in Dallas

Alaskan rock band Portugal the Man makes our list this month because of a remix by Dallas producer Medasin.
Alaskan rock band Portugal the Man makes our list this month because of a remix by Dallas producer Medasin. Maclay Heriot
Six Shooter is a recurring feature where we highlight six new releases by North Texas-based musicians.

Vandoliers — "Endless Summer"

Cowpunk band Vandoliers continued its streak of good fortune in 2017 when Rolling Stone premiered the video for "Endless Summer” earlier this week. The track is from Vandoliers' sophomore album The Native, which we ranked the second-best album of the year so far.

Pat Ron & Ease — "Ed Edd and Eddy"

Dallas’ Cheech and Chong rap duo Pat Ron & Ea$e joined together again for “Ed, Edd and Eddy.” The track features a smooth, jazz-sampled beat that allows the pair to float as they deliver their sharp and humorous rhymes.

Portugal the Man — "Feel It Still" (Medasin Remix)

Medasin is Dallas’ brightest EDM star, and there’s no question about it. The 19-year-old is best known in the EDM world for his eccentric sonics and his budding relationships with Skrillex and Deadmau5, but this out-of-the-ordinary remix Medasin put out earlier this month is a hit with his huge fan base.

Bobby Sessions — "Ways to Go"

The video for Sessions’ “Ways to Go” is calming to watch. We see Sessions running through various neighborhoods and locations around Dallas.

Devy Stonez — “Untitled001”

Almost two years ago, we wrote that Devy Stonez was a puppy with big paws in the Dallas hip-hop scene. He showed a lot of promise for a young artist, and he's delivered on it with his releases Stepping Stonez and Rolling Stonez. His most recent track reveals an artist less concerned with trends than crafting solid raps.

Boy Epic — "Trust"

Earlier this month, Playboy magazine premiered this new video from Dallas’ Boy Epic. “Trust” is yet another viral success for the artist, who has become a sensation on YouTube. All of Boy Epic’s songs have theatrical themes, and he directs the films. “Once I’d done some soul searching, I made the connection between my love for movies and my love for music," Boy Epic recently told the Observer, "and that’s when it all started to come together for me.”

Extra Ammo

Sam Lao — "Grenade"

BNQT — “Restart”

Dave Morgan — Too Broke To Be Mastered

James Fauntleroy — “How You Feel” (Larce Blake Remix)

Tyrannosorceress — Shattering Light’s Creation

Hevy Bens — “Pistola ft. Sam Lao”

So Sique — “I Think You Need Ft. Buffalo Black and Bobby Sessions”

Go Yayo — Rich Before 21

Pearl Earl — “Star in the Sky”

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