The Best New Music In Dallas, September 2015

Six Shooter is a recurring feature where we highlight six new releases by North Texas-based musicians, with some extra ammo to spare.

Yesterday we announced voting for the 27th Annual Dallas Observer Music Awards is now open. If you’ve been keeping up with Six Shooter, you’re probably familiar with a number of artists on the ballot. But much of the music represented on the ballot was released before September, which saw a bunch of great new releases from local artists. (It's worth mentioning that most of these folks are already nominated for a DOMA.) This is the best of the batch from September.

The Toadies - Heretics

Last month Fort Worth natives the Toadies released their first new project in three years, except it’s not really new. Heretics re-imagines and reinterprets the old familiar favorites with new instrumentation and stylings. Toadies classics such as “Tyler” and “Possum Kingdom,” set alongside covers such as Blondie's "Heart of Glass" (already one of the band's live staples), won’t sound all that unfamiliar to anyone who has caught the band’s shows recently.

Lord Byron - “777”

If you’ve glanced at his Twitter page lately, it appears that Lord Byron has possibly lost his mind, or he’s working through artistic frustration — who knows. Either way, we’re the ones who’ll benefit from his state of mind the most. Last week the East Dallas rapper released “777,” a track not included on his recently released (and DOMA nominated) Digital Crucifixion.

A.Dd+ - “All or Nothing”

2015 has been a relatively quiet year for Dallas’ most celebrated hip-hop duo. While it appears the Nawf representatives have a new album in the works, it was a nice surprise to get two loosies while we wait. “All Or Nothing” feels like a throwback to early Wu-Tang and almost makes you think Slim Gravy’s about to spit some classic “Kick in the door wavin’ the four-four” Biggie lyrics.

Avery Sennin - “Line Up”

Avery Sennin is a relative newcomer to the hip-hop scene, but “Line Up” isn’t suffering from any rookie mistakes. Sennin flows for two minutes on a minimal beat without a hook and without seeming to take a breath. This cocky, chip-on-his-shoulder offering from Sennin has us looking forward to more from him.

Buffalo Black - Surilla

For several years now, Buffalo Black has been celebrated as one of Dallas’ most progressive and socially conscious rappers. Surrilla does not stray from that. In the current climate he's much needed and Black takes the issues to task on tracks like “1984.” Surrilla features a wide range of sounds, highlighted by “The Trap.”

Blue, The Misfit - “All Systems Go”

“All Systems Go” is not a new song, but the video for the track from 2014’s Child in the Wild was released last month. The song, which features A.Dd+’s Slim Gravy and Sam Lao, is the highlight from that album. It features the best of each artist: Slim’s party-starting flow, Lao’s sultry voice and Blue’s production and matured rap offerings. The song doesn’t fully hit its stride until the 3:07 mark, which is not to be overlooked.

Extra ammo:

Young Ejecta - “Your Planet”

Jaeson Green - A Piece of Me

G.U.N & K. Vation - “Dream”

Pageantry - “Girl Breath”

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