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Let's face it: Going out to catch live can be about a lot more than just the music. A lot of the time, it can also be about spending time with friends. Or it can be about having a quality drink. (Oftentimes, both.) There is of course a time and a place to have whatever sort of cheap swill to drunk on, but on those nights where you where you really want to have a good beer then there's a certain art to finding the right venue. Fortunately, there are a growing number of music venues -- not just proper clubs, but also bars and restaurants that host frequent shows -- in Dallas and throughout North Texas that have top-notch beer selections. Here are 10 of the best.

Dan's Silverleaf 103 N. Industrial St., Denton

Denton's best bar and music venue is also home to one of the best beer selections in the area. The Texas-heavy draft list hits all the local highlights: DEBC, Revolver, et al. From it's long-term relationship with early-to-the-game craft brewer Franconia to it's quick partnership with Denton up-and-comer Armadillo Ales, Dan's has shown that not only does it have its fingers on the pulse of the local brew scene, it's ahead of the game. Oh, and Dan's is in Denton, which means you get the ol' college town discount. Jaime-Paul Falcon

Granada Theater 3524 Greenville Ave., Dallas

Besides being one of the area's very best music venues (with the most varied booking policy), The Granada Theater has a fine selection of tasty brews. As a matter of fact, the Granada was one of the first venues to offer Fireman's 4, a delicious Blonde Ale brewed in Blanco, Texas. The Granada doesn't have the biggest selection of beers on draft, but the variety of bottles and cans goes from the greatness of Newcastle, a delicious brown ale out of the U.K., to the white trash banality of PBR tallboys. Darryl Smyers

Three Links 2704 Elm St., Dallas

Want to take in a show while still getting the friendly Cheers vibe from the bar? Go to Three Links. It's positioned itself as the upstart outfit in the burgeoning and ever competitive Deep Ellum landscape. Much like the acts booked at Three Links, largely hardcore punk bands, the bar caters to a niche audience. While you can easily get a subculture favorite PBR, you can just as easily be drinking some of your favorite microbrewery choices or your choice of cocktail. Alcohol has always served as fuel for the atmosphere of a hardcore punk gig and Three Links ensures that they are never running on empty. James Khubiar

Twilite Lounge 2640 Elm St., Dallas

Long time Dallas/Fort Worth music scene mainstay, and 1310 the Ticket personality Danny Balis opened the Twilite Lounge to much acclaim in 2013, and not just because everyone wanted the Little Ticket's "Danny from Lakewood" to have his own place. No, it was because many knew that Balis' impeccable taste in music and beer would reign supreme. Featuring almost nightly performances from some of the best-curated acts in the area,it also has one of the best beer selections in the ever-expanding neighborhood. There's Texas craft beer, gold medal-winning craft beer and all the old staples you'd expect from a place that's classier than most. JPF

Brian Street Tavern 4315 Bryan St., Dallas

Recent winner of DO's Best Beer Selection and Best Patio, this lodge-style dive boasts a bevy of local brews that claim the most real estate on the 20 chalk-labeled beer taps, and an array of stone-fired pizzas on the menu (which are half price on Mondays, btw). The long bar across from the entrance slinks around and points to always-occupied pool tables and a door to a sometimes-indoor stage, which segues to a large half-covered patio and outdoor stage. You're sure to catch a local show on most nights, but BST is known to be a destination for touring acts on occasion, including Japandroids and drone metal gods Earth. Anita Riot

Hailey's 122 W. Mulberry St., Denton

Featuring a huge selection of beers on draft, the beer wall behind the bar at Hailey's is a tribute to the entire brewing process. The massive collection of spigots is a bit daunting, but the knowledgeable and friendly staff always makes choosing a fun process. Better still is the venue's Beer Wall Wednesday, a weekly special on a variety of local brews. Getting some of these local varieties for two bucks a pop is a damn good deal. And with 52 beers to choose from, if you can't find some suds to suck at Hailey's, you might already be three sheets to the wind. DS

The Foundry 2303 Pittman St., Dallas

The Foundry is a hidden treasure in the Trinity Grove area, a calm place when you need a break from downtown. It is an unpretentious beer garden lit mostly by Christmas lights with a strange outdoor stage made of pallets. There is great free live music on Fridays and Saturdays and it has all sorts of seating: picnic tables, couches, tables and chairs. On a nice night when there is a band playing, The Foundry is a wonderful place to have a drink. The icehouse style bar is cozy and the beer selection is top-notch. They have many beers on tap, mostly from Texas, along with the usual selection of domestic bottles and cans. Jeremy Hallock

Trees 2709 Elm St., Dallas

For decades Trees has been the premier destination for aggressive music in Deep Ellum. More recently it has become the home for some of rap's finest touring acts such as Juicy J and Waka Flocka Flame. For a good show experience, it is imperative to have choice drinks available for the event. To this end, Trees has what you need. Their full bar offers an array of cocktails, macrobrewery staples, Texas' best beers as well as an assortment of microbrewery favorites. It doesn't matter if you are trying to mosh or dance, Trees' bar will be there help to lubricate the experience. JK

City Tavern 1402 Main St., Dallas

Despite being located close to what is without a doubt the single worst club/bar/venue dead zone in the region, Josh Florence's City Tavern is the lone bright spot in a downtown area overrun with tourist traps, terrible dance clubs and "Uh, well it's sort of close to the hotel, might as well go" bars. Music fans and craft beer fans alike amass in droves to escape the cold surroundings of downtown Dallas to take in a game, a show or a cold beer, and when things are going right there's a Dirty Dusty shot & beer combination that's often imitated, but far from being close to being duplicated. JPF

Common Table 2917 Fairmount St., Dallas

While they only host the rare show, the venue that was behind the first Untapped Festival deserves a spot on this list for its dynamic bar that features some of the rarest and most delicious brews in the area. Few bars can match Common Table's beer selection, much less a music venue. No one orders a Lone Star at Common Table; instead most pair their drinks to the food being served, but the discerning pair their potent potables with the music being played by some of the best regional music acts in the state. JPF

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Join the Observer community and help support independent local journalism in Dallas.