On some level, yes, perhaps this was inevitable. But after many locals realizing it for some time now, it seems that the Chicago-based hip-hop duo The Cool Kids--or more likely, the people who represent them--have finally been hipped to the fact that, here in DFW, there exists a lo-fi punk outfit by the name of the Teenage Cool Kids. And, as such, the Cool Kids' handlers have sent Teenage Cool Kids a cease and desist order, asking that the band change its name. (You can download that letter right here).

This no doubt comes at a pretty bad time for Teenage Cool Kids, as the band just released its new vinyl-only full-length, Foreign Lands, last month.

As for what people think about it? Well, our sister paper in NYC, the Village Voice, thinks the whole thing's kinda stupid. So, too, do we, albeit for different reasons. Yeah, maybe the Teenage Cool Kids should've known better than to have picked a name so closely resembling to another's. But, c'mon. If Ladyhawk and Ladyhawke can manage...

Anyway, we've reached out to Teenage Cool Kids to see what the band's plans are moving forward, and we'll let you know when we hear back. In the meantime, you can read a response from the band in an online forum here.

Update: Just heard back from guitarist/lead vocalist Andrew Savage, who tells DC9 via a Myspace message, "We don't have plans to change our name. We have a lawyer, he is helping us with this and hopefully it will pass as quickly and painless as possible."

For what it's worth: Best of luck, fellas.

After the jump, check out a portion of the letter the band received.

(Hat tip to these guys.)

The Cool Kids Send Teenage Cool Kids A Cease and Desist Order

    Dear Sir or Madam,

    Please be advised we represent Creating Art for Kids Everywhere, LLC ("CAKE"), the owner of all right, title, interest in and o the United States registered trademark, THE COOL KIDS (the "THE COOL KIDS MARK")(attached hereto as Exhibit A is Registration Certificate). It has come to our attention that your use of the name, TEENAGE COOL KIDS (the "Infringing Name") in commerce associated with entertainment services, audio performances, live music, live online concerts, recorded music, and concerts, infringes our client's federally registered trademark rights and dilutes the products and services associated with THE COOL KIDS Mark.

    Prior to formation of Teenage Cool Kids in March of 2007, our client had established its presence with the public via the Web, traditional and streaming airwaves, live performances, and concert venues. The advent of our client's ascent in the music industry has been unrelenting. At all relevant times prior to the formation of Teenage Cool Kids, our client use of THE COOL KIDS Mark has been extensive, continuous and without interruption.

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Join the Observer community and help support independent local journalism in Dallas.