The Five Best DFW Band Vines, Featuring Parties of the Taco, Dance and Helmet Varieties

If you're someone who enjoys what social media has done for the band-fan relationship, the new video sharing app Vine offers awesome new horizons. For those of you who aren't familiar with Vine, it's basically a way for people to make short gif-like post that last six seconds each. As with all social media developments, it has its share of critics as well as champions.

But who cares about all that. Let's take a look at some of the best Vines from local musicians. Warning: They autoplay, as you have possibly already realized. That's also why they're each on their own page.

Sarah Jaffe got her helmet on

Sarah Jaffe makes her obligatory appearance, but can you blame us? Who could possibly ignore this Vine that shows Jaffe dancing around in a motorcycle helmet while her bandmate Robert Gomez strums away on his guitar. This is why Vine is awesome. Biographies have a pre-show dance party

One of Denton's newest and most exciting acts have taken to Vine with gusto. Biographies frequently update their account with pieces of enjoyable minutia. From band members climbing trees to the band's cat mascot doing Internet cat things, to what may or may not bee an abstract short film, Biographies keeps it lighthearted. But hands down, the most Vine thing they've done so far is have a pre-show dance party. Vine: it's for dancing. Ta-Co Par-Ty

Spooky Folk is hard at work recording their follow up album and fans and friends have been treated to constant updates via Facebook, Twitter and the occasional Vine. However, no update has been more enjoyable than the band taking turns announcing that they're having a Taco Party. Recording a record can be hell -- it's nice to see that at times everyone can relax and have some tacos. Blake Panter shills for Raintek

Sometimes musician and king of all local social media Blake Panter has lead the Vine charge as he uses the app for everything. He posts select moments from shows, he interview people at festivals, he does hardcore investigative ATM reporting and he does man on the street commercials for emergency ponchos. I only hope that that poncho effectively hides his thunder. People dance to A.Dd+

No commentary needed, really. You saw the clip, right?

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