The Frenz, Tyson Meade, Ezra Furman and the Harpoons

Maybe it's the mystique: The Frenz, one of local electro-Renaissance-man Wanz Dover's many ambitious projects, is one of those computer/electronic progenies of Kraftwerk that takes you to another plane. An astral plane? Possibly. More likely, though, upon listening to the Frenz's intricate blend of beats, blips and bodacious guitar riffs (though, most likely, it's a synth that sounds like a guitar), you'll find yourself drifting to some out-of-body ether world just this side of the atmosphere, simultaneously freaky and relaxing, earthy and alien. Kinda like those dreams where you're sure you're astral projecting, but then you wake up and realize you were just high on Tylenol PM. Boston's Ezra Furman and the Harpoons minimalist acoustic punk (sample lyric: "This song is called 'Mother's Day.' It's about a whore that I knew in Chicago.") may be equally strange, but decidedly less challenging.

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Jonanna Widner
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