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The Funniest April Fools' Day Pranks In The Local Music Scene

Everybody loves a good prank on April Fools' Day. Everybody, that is, except the person on the receiving end of said prank.

Which is to say the people like us here at DC9 HQ, who spend our days looking for pertinent local music news and information to pass along to our readers.

It's been a trying day, to say the least. All day long, we've been fending off pranks being pulled by a handful of local bands -- the most elaborate of which comes to us from This Will Destroy You, who this morning announced that they are breaking up.

The announcement, which was posted on the band's Facebook page early this morning, wasn't just a last-minute drunken status update; it was quite premeditated. The band even enlisted the help of their label, Magic Bullet Records, which issued a formal press release on their website.

Turns out, though, according the band's drummer Alex Bhore, that it was all a hoax.


Thing is, someone else topped even This Will Destroy You's prank. After the jump, check out the fast one that local show promotion company Parade of Flesh tried to pull on its followers.

Just after midnight this morning,. Parade of Flesh announced that Hall & Oates would be playing a last-minute free performance at Club Dada tonight.

Parade Of Flesh wrote that the duo happened to be in town for a wedding, so they were able to book the band. Also on the bill? Locals Cocky Americans and the disbanded League Of Fucking Decency.

It got more elaborate: Parade Of Flesh also warned that Hall & Oates wouldn't have any merchandise available, since they "only planned on playing the Friday morning wedding and then hanging out in West End afterwords; they were thinking abou going to the Dallas World Aquarium and then maybe go eat at Hooter's."

Oh, the joys of April Fools' Day. And, of course, the West End.

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