The Make Believers Call It Quits (Unless They're Just Pretending).

It's always a bummer when a promising band decides to call it quits. But, sadly, Denton-based project The Make Believers is doing just that: The band's promoting its Saturday gig at the Fra House as its last.

"Oh, it's because of the usual reasons," explains drummer Justin "J.C." Collins." You know, like, 'artistic differences'."

We've already spoken with other members of the band, and we'll bring you the whole story in next week's North of the Dial. The story will also recap the final show, which is going down this weekend at the afternoon barbecue/record release house party celebrating the release of Dust Congress' Regurgitate Sunshine State.

Fellow Denton acts Tre Orsi and Drink To Victory will also be playing, so, between the celebratory vibe and all that barbecue and beer, this party has the makings of a good homegrown send off. 

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