The More Doughnuts, The Batter: Five Music Videos for National Doughnut Day.

The first Friday of June marks National Doughnut Day, folks. True story. Our co-workers over at City of Ate even got Homer Simpson to comment on it.

Anyway, since we love foodie holidays here at the Observer -- especially ones celebrating sweet, deep-fried, ring-shaped balls of dough -- we thought it appropriate to comprise a list of our favorite music videos that pay homage to the morning treat.

So, sit back and grab a sweet, sugary, glazed, frosted, sprinkle, fried, braided, jelly-filled, bacon-topped or whatever other kind of doughnut you like, and enjoy.

Katy Perry -- "California Gurls (feat. Snoop Dogg)
Watch as Katy Perry's backup dancers make "interesting" use of donuts.

Neil Cicierega -- "Toy Food"
Cicierega, a.k.a. Lemon Demon, sings a song about toy food, including plastic donuts.

Weird Al -- "Eat It"
Snacking on some chocolate dunkers before hitting the streets, no big deal.

Man Like Me -- "Donut"
The blokes from Man Like Me compare their girlfriends (presumably ex-girlfriends now) to doughnuts. Also, keep your eyes peeled for an over-sized pink doughnut rolling across the street.

Matt "Chainsaw" Chaney -- "Donuts, Go Nuts!"
Yes, this is an entire song and video dedicated to the heavenly deep-fried pastries.

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