The Old 97's, Dallas Alt-Country Band of Note, Were on "Jeopardy!" Yesterday

Is Alex Trebek an Old 97's fan? The jury is still out on that one, but this much we do know: Monday's episode of Jeopardy!  gave a shout out to Dallas' favorite cow punk — uh, alt country — band, and it was a pretty cool nod to Rhett Miller and the boys.

We saw Old 97's just the other night when they were tearing things up at Twilite Lounge for the Deep Ellum bar's second anniversary party. (Oh, and America.) Anyone who was lucky enough to get into that very limited-capacity show was still buzzing come yesterday, and then Jeopardy! happened.

The $64,000 question — or in this case, $800 question, which is still a question on freaking Jeopardy! and therefore nothing to be ashamed of — fell in the "Also a Keyboard Set" category of the show. "The Old 97's are a part of the musical genre called this-country," read the question. (If you said, "What is alt country?" without even having to watch the clip, then you get to keep your Dallas music fan credentials. If not, well, we need to talk.)

Here's the full clip, in all of its 10-second glory:

Is this the Old 97's biggest TV moment? That's debatable. They did appear on The Late Show with David Letterman, after all. But Jeopardy! is Jeopardy! — a fact that even your grandparents can agree with. And that's not to mention they made the cut where folks like Wilco or Ryan Adams could've theoretically been included instead. So in your face, those guys.

We can't help but wonder how Burt Reynolds or Sean Connery would've responded to this question, but the band did their part to have a little fun with it anyway. They took to Twitter late last night to give their own shout-out to their "good-lookin' and book-smart" fans:

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