The Problem With... "Dynamite" by Taio Cruz

What's the bloody deal, Great Britain? I know you have better music to give your mates across the pond than this dud.

I get it: We've been independent for 234 years come Sunday, and its' driving you so nutty that you have to retaliate by holding the great tracks back. We all know about Taio Cruz by now, the guy who gave us the heads up in is last single "Break Your Heart" that he would "break, break" our hearts. How did Luda get caught up in that track, by the way?

I digress.

Cruz strikes again with another track off his album Rokstarr. I guess the title is one of those weird British spellings. And, sure enough, this new track includes Cruz's now-trademark lyrical repetition. This time, though, it occurs in every line. Was the delay button broken?

It's not just the repetition that bugs me (it just goes on and on and on...), but also the clichés--"'cause I told you once/ now I told you twice," for instance. This track seems like it was just put together for the beat and the "ay-yo" declaration. And, actually, yhat "ay-yo" is the only creative flair in the track.

The main problem with Taio Cruz is that he doesn't really distinguish himself from North American artists doing similar things. The times I catch his tracks from the middle, I think I'm hearing Akon or Jason DeRulo.

Don't get me wrong: I didn't expect something entirely British like TARDIS or the "Keep Calm" signs. But some British, or even some Brazilian character (Cruz is half-Brazilian), wouldn't hurt.

Rumor has it that a track from Cruz will show up on the soundtrack of Jersey Shore when it comes out on July 20. I wouldn't be surprised this is the track that shows up. It'd be just another brick in the monument of bad taste that is New Jersey-based reality programs.

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Join the Observer community and help support independent local journalism in Dallas.