The Problem With... "In My Head" by Jason Derülo

Folks, do you ever have the urge to read other people's minds? To find out what is going down in someone's head like the major motion picture

What Women Want?

Well, one pop star, Jason Derülo, saves us the trouble and lays his thoughts out in a song. Like most of our thoughts before they reach our cognitive centers, the song "In My Head" is improbable, repetitive, and filled with staccato guitar.

Our first impression of this artist is the gratuitous umlaut usually employed by rock bands and ice cream brands that is used in his name. Wouldn't keeping his original surname --Desrouleaux--have served the same purpose as the umlaut, making him appear exotic and gallant?

Alas, the kids don't like to tax their head figuring out how to pronounce odd names--as I well know--so Derülo it is.

Our second impression? That came from his last hit "Watcha Say", where he samples a maudlin Imogen Heap song about cruelty and anguish and makes it all about himself.

What a douche.

The song "In My Head" essentially lays out the artist's fantasies on courting a woman, like nearly every other song men tend to write. The song fulfills a major pop music gripe--linguistic fillers. There is one or two in almost every line of the song.

One filler that stands out in particular? The odd noise after the line "Get down to business, lets skip foreplay." I imagine this was the noise Lee Harvey Oswald made when Jack Ruby shot him in the gut.

Anyway, the video is set primarily in a convenience store parking lot. Most kids stop loitering at gas station lots after about age 16. I can only guess as to why the 20-year-old Derülo is still there. But whatever. Truth is, the areas around convenience stores aren't really safe places to be at night.

So, ladies, if a guy makes a pass at you when you come out of a convenience store? Get the hell out of there.

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