The Problem With Ke$ha's "We R Who We R"

Y'know, after months trying to forget about Ke$ha -- and I tried a lot -- a weird idea occurred to me. What if Ke$ha is trying play like the ancient Greek philosopher Diogenes of Sinope?

You see, both of them live in bathtubs -- yet ignore their hygiene and appearance -- and both of them follow a carefree, pleasure-based lifestyle that flouts social norms. Diogenes and people around him described his behavior as doglike -- this is where we get the word "cynic" from.

It's kinda odd, 'cause this idea came up just as K-dog started releasing new material, like the single with a Popeye-ish title, "We R Who We R".

The track, like everything else Ke$ha, takes different electronic sounds and makes something predictable. You got the electro buzz along with the faint "Pizza Cat" keys and "gating" volume effect from '90s techno in the chorus.

I think the reason I keep coming back to Ke$ha, though, is to pick at her scatter-brained lyrics, such as this one: "I'm sick of bein' serious / makin' mah brain delirious." I'm not a doctor, but the bottles of Jack and the love-sick crack might have caused the delirium -- not seriousness. She also claims to "make the hipsters fall in love." Yeah, um, those people will likely disown her for being in the Top 40 constantly.

Unfortunately, the point where my Diogenes idea falls apart is in her lyricism and enunciation. Ke$ha is simply not as perceptive or as well-spoken as Diogenes, whose rhetorical style managed to turn his lifestyle into a long-running philosophy, instead some slacker excuse.

Hold on. Wait. I get it now!

The phrase "We are who we are" cycles around itself -- like the snake that eats its own tail! 

That's deep and totally zen, K-dog!

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Shahryar Rizvi
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