The Problem With... Mike Posner's "Please Don't Go"

It seems that Duke's new mascot has a new single out, begging you not to go.

The last we heard of Mike was his angsty single "Cooler Than Me." We learned from the track that he thinks no one deserves to be cooler than him... or something like that.

The raspy-voiced graduate returned to the charts a while ago with another faux lo-fi, GarageBand-produced single"Please Don't Go".

This track opts for a more sensitive, pining mood from the artist. The mood isn't very convincing.

Given the lack of conviction, it's useful to ask why a woman might leave Mike in the morning (as the track goes). Could be because the titular line from the chorus betrays his Midwestern accent. Take it from someone else who has one, it's not the sexiest voice out dere... there. Since it's not that hot, it's not a good match for R&B.

Reviewers tend to compare Mike's singing voice with Justin Timberlake's. I think Justin's humid Southern accent beats Mike's frost-bitten Michigan patois.

When I hear him say "Pleez Doon't Gouw", it sounds like he may follow up with "It snoowd lyast night, you might need help scray-ping your kur's windsheeld"

Another reason a girl might leave in the morning comes from the obsessive last line from the chorus "If you leave, I'm gonna find you". Stalker much?

A falsetto line at the breakdown caught me by surprise. Alas, it's a one-off thing, and doesn't deliver again.

Speaking of delivery, the last thing that might drive a woman away is the fact that Mike doesn't mention breakfast once in the track.

You'll never know if the girl wanted flapjacks and bacon.

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