The Problem With... T-Pain's "5 O'Clock (feat. Wiz Khalifa and Lily Allen)"

It looks like T-Pain is playing the waiting game for his forthcoming album Revolver, which he finished recording two summers ago.

He's been keeping busy in the mean time: This past summer, T-Pain released a mixtape called prEVOLVEr, which featured a few tracks without any Auto-Tune assistance for a change. The cyborg voice is also touring with Chris Brown, Bow Wow and Tyga and will stop by Gexa Energy Pavilion next Friday.

Here's hoping he doesn't mess up any other strip club DJ booths this time through town.

Anyway, T-Pain's third single from Revolver, "5 O'Clock," samples British singer Lily Allen's pop ballad "Who'd Have Known." Right away, T-Pain's cylon voice clashes with the song's romantic theme.

It's like hearing a car alarm go off during a candle-lit dinner.

And it begs the question: "Can you really love a machine?"

Actually, I mostly wonder who could love someone, robotic or otherwise, that doesn't answer missed calls when they check their phone ("Cause I keep checking my cell phone / and these missed calls") and chases other women at the club ("and these females / got me stalling").

Hey, at least he's not promising mansions in Wiscaaaaaaansin this time around.

Wiz Khalifa does a bit better on the track -- he actually returns the missed call, leaves the club before it closes and bothers to clothe his boo with a T-shirt instead of a chain.

So, who's it gonna be, ladies? The unfeeling machine or the nice, skinny dude?

Doesn't matter, really. The more pressing matter is that T-Pain really needs to check the time -- 'cause hype has a half-life, and Auto-Tune is starting to phase out. Really: If he doesn't cash in his diminishing profile soon, the only one that's gonna be left to hear Revolver is WALL-E.

Maybe that's not such terrible news, though. After all , WALL-E will probably like T-Pain's cylon voice just fine.

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Shahryar Rizvi
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