The Problem With... The Cranberries' "Tomorrow"

Last year saw a wave of popular bands from a few decades ago reuniting and releasing new material. The wave continues this year with new albums from Van Halen, puzzling announcements by Fiona Apple, and the Irish yodeling of Dolores O'Riordan and The Cranberries. The band will release a new album, Roses, in a few weeks and has scheduled a Spring tour in Europe and Australia with Lenny Kravitz and Wolfmother.

Their latest single, "Tomorrow," is a light rock song with jangling rhythm. The guitar work doesn't stand out as much as classic singles like "Dreams" or "Zombie," and the by-the-numbers songcraft shows they've grown up and settled down a bit.

The lyrics follow the band's signature ballad-writing style consisting of lines of refrains. While it has a poetic quality to it, and hearing the line "een yer had" calls back "Zombie," it can be annoying to hear the same lines back-to-back.

The other problem with The Cranberries' return is their timing. They've reappeared alongside a lively new generation of indie-pop yodelers such as Feist, Florence and the Machine, and the Metroplex's own St. Vincent. If they don't catch up, they might get left behind.They don't have to let it themselves linger.

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